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What is Discover?


Jumpseat’s Discover is your personal audio glimpse into the world and the places you fly over. No frills and no limits. Open the Jumpseat app and unlock a world of points of interest you never knew existed!

Discover is powered by the breadth of knowledge in Wikipedia, and delivered through artificial intelligence, for a jumpseat buddy that sounds more like a human than a paper shredder.

Get started with a free trial today! Just open the Jumpseat app and head over to the DISCOVER tab.

STEP 1: Spawn In The Sim

You’re the flight planner here! Spawn anywhere in the simulator to get the journey started. Paris? Sure thing. New York? Go for it!

STEP 2: Review POIs in the List

As you start flying, places and events will begin to be updated on the Discover list. Pause auto-refresh or force a refresh as you fly around!

STEP 3: Discover the World

See something interesting? Click on it and let our guide talk you through it all. We promise she’ll keep the auto-tune to a minimum!

I'm not seeing any POIs. Am I doing something wrong?

If you’re flying around and no points of interest populate on the list, you are likely flying in a more remote area, or one that has not been documented on Wikipedia. Try other locations, or keep an eye out for new POIs in the Discover list. In the middle of NYC and nothing populates? Ask about it on Discord!

What is the price for this feature and why isn't it free like other features?

In order to bring you natural sounding voices (and not a paper shredder), Discover relies on more expensive (and expansive) artificial intelligence services that are not free to us. We hope to strike a balance of access and affordability as Discover rolls out. Pricing for Discover will vary as we learn usage patterns and understand exactly how much content our users consume. The most accurate price will always be displayed in the app.

I have a feature suggestion. Where do I go?

We LOVE to hear from our users. In fact, so much of where Jumpseat is today is a direct result of user feedback from engaged users! If you have any feedback for us, join us on Discord and let’s get the conversation started!

I'm a Patreon subscriber. Do I get any benefits?

You betcha! As a token of our appreciation to all of our financial backers, we plan on offering free day-passes on a per-request basis. Send us a message on Patreon or Discord and we’ll hook you up!

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